Street Art: Shop Front Letters

These larger than life letters light up the shut shops of the streets of Hackney. Changing the gloomy grey (necessary) metal into the colourful initial of the name of the shop sleeping behind it.

I think they might be a particularly east London thing. I have no idea of the history of these letters, but apparently they are the work of a street artist called Eine. They seem to have the added value of staving off shit tagging too!

Ah, love this Eine collage… 


Street Art: Tours

When: Thursdays and Saturdays.   Thursday tour starts at 6PM.  Saturday tour starts at 11AM.  

Duration: The duration of the tour is currently around four hours

Where: Meet by the Foundry, Old Street (detailed map and directions will be sent to you upon booking!)

Cost: £15

Take a tour to see giant rabbits and stoats, small girls holding balloons, bubble headed stick men, massive teeth and space invaders… all painted, pasted, created and put up on London’s concrete surfaces. These impressive images capture the renegade artistic nature of the infinitely vibrant east London art scene. With artists such as Eine, Invader, Banksy, David Walker, Roa, C215, Connor Harrington, D-Face, Stik and Swoon, it’s well worth the trek.

This is what some Londoner called Oliver had to say about the tour…

“I love walking around London looking for street art and although I think I know a fair deal about the subject, it was a real treat to discover new artists and to be taken to new places by someone who obviously loves what he does and knows what he’s talking about.  I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone with any interest in street art!”
Olivier, from London

Book your tour by using the calendar here

Street Art: DONK!

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