My Head Hurts – Mezcal Tasting…

See the below post… but be quiet… and stroke my head.

Last night STARTED with Mezcal tasting at Quiquiriqui

Tom, an enigmatic former DJ who travelled on a Mezcalian venture around Mexico, brings this exotic ‘way of life’ whole heartedly to Hackney. A total ‘Mezcal head’, he stands behind the DJ booth preaching the delights of Mescal to a captivated audience while taster shots are handed out by the skeleton faced bar tender. A cacophony of flavours varying from lighter fuel to barbeque sauce mixes are sampled and explained.

One of them came from a distillery “at the end of road, on the way to the beach” in Wahaca, Mexico.

They all tasted fairly rank, but I can see how you could get into this… the result was something other than drunk – sparky and bright and ready for pizza.

Stringray cafe, The Royal Oak and Callooh Callay completed the night.

Tom’s top tip was to “drink water, and plenty of it…” I should have swallowed this advice instead of the third gin cocktail…


Quiquiriqui – Day of the Dead

Below a kebab shop on Hackney Road is an unlikely venue (or is it?) for a hot new bar to open in the bubble. And when I say bar, I mean a Mezcalaria; a Mexican sensation that’s spreading through America’s, and Europe’s bar scene like a prickly cactus forest.

Mezcalaria Quiquiriqui offers up an assortment of mescal (kind of tequila-ish) based drinks and Mexican beers, the outlook and décor promises an expedient den of liquid iniquity.

Last time I tried mescal, I was (fairly easily) coaxed into eating the worm. I’d advise leaving the food alone to float and head straight for some sampling.

To celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead, they’re offering five tastings of the finest Mezcals this side of the gulf from 1st-4th November, for just a tenner on the door. Throw in some music, Mezcal cocktails, ideally Mexican wrestling masks, and it’s ‘aye caramba’ all the way home.

If you do get hungry, there’s a handy kebab shop just above you.

Mezcaleria Quiquiriqui:
The Golden Grill, 184 Hackney Road E2 7QL

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