Iron & Wine at Hackney Empire

When: Sunday 9th October

Where: Hackney Empire 

Costs: £18 + booking fee LAST FEW TICKETS!

Finally, Hackney Empire (and Hackney in general) gets a gig and a venue juuuust right. Not a loud four piece set up with electric guitars and stupid a-symmetrical hair, but something simpering, quiet and thoughtful and above all, beautiful and beardy.

Iron and Wine (Sam Beam) play the Empire following the release of his fourth studio album (it’s been three years since the last one).

Iron and Wine will show their wares at Mare Street’s famous landmark, The Hackney Empire on October 9th 2011. You can get tickets in advance from the website for £18.

In the meantime, check out his beautiful acoustic folky tunes. Although, recently, he’s got a band and has beefed up the minimal aural vision of the past. This should be a sweetly emotional gig (is it wrong to use the word ‘emotional’?).



Eat: Best Vietnamese in Hackney

Where: Green Papaya, 191 Mare Street, E8 3QE. 0208 985 5486.

I am actually addicted to Vietnamese food. I eat it at least once a week. I try to convert people to this fresh, spicy, Asian cuisine whenever possible. Even if they say they have tried it before. And I daydream about crispy squid.

I went to Vietnam (my other blog) and actually found the food in London just as delicious (the only difference is that in Vietnam it is fresher).

But, there are only certain restaurants that really live up to that. Green Papaya is my favourite of them. I mainly judge a good Vietnamese on it’s crispy squid. This might actually make Shoreditch’s Cay Tre a damn hopeful runner up, but it is too far to take away.

Annoyingly, none of them deliver, which is a real shame.

The flavours are something similar to other Asian foods, but stands on it’s own as a cuisine. They are resourceful people and will kill, cook and eat anything! I don’t eat meat and Vietnamese gives me more options than any other I know. Seafood, fish and tofu are plentiful!


Find it below…


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