Lost in London – a film

I just came across this wonderful film “Lost in London”, which was posted a year ago on Vimeo. Makes you realise how fast paced life can get… take a morning to just wonder and soak up the east, meander the streets, parks and watersides, get lost in your own neighbourhood and take a moment to reflect… this is rather lovely.

Enjoy the next 9 minutes!

Lost in London from Wojciech Duczmal on Vimeo.

“Lost in London” is a film by Michael Smith and Wojciech Duczmal, who’ve collaborated on many documentaries for the BBC over the years. It develops further their idea of the lyrical essay-film, or documentary-poem.

Inspired by Baudelaire’s idea of the flâneur, the stroller whose epiphany is the shifting urban spectacle, the film is about one individual’s personal response to the unique spirit that charges the city he inhabits – in this case, Michael’s response to the inner East End, where he has lived for many years.

Written by Michael Smith. Photography & Editing by Wojciech Duczmal

It’s a film about the deep, complex, bitter-sweet romance between an individual and his city. Like many long-term love affairs, it’s a dysfunctional one, but nevertheless, this film is a love story between a person and a place.


Netil House – Summer Party #1


Netil House threw open its summer series of rooftop parties, hailing the beginning of what will hopefully be a sunshine filled season. The premiere was last Saturday and fiery yellow ball came out to play hand in hand with chilled prosecco, condensation laden bottles of Mexican beer and some tasty chicken and taco bites. All washed down with incredible views over east London.

We got there early for a friends birthday and nabbed a spot in the centre, Stepping out onto the roof feels like you’re entering a secret land with decking underfoot and a unique view of the city. The breezy open air and funky background music was an ideal accompaniment to the celebration and the day. Until they ran out of prosecco, which was quickly replenished, narrowly avoiding a middle class riot- phew!

The Korean chicken burger was immense, and he was a lovely dude too. There were also tacos to soak up some of the alcohol.

What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, with friends, on a nice day… roll on summer, and roll on more summer parties! Find out info and buy tickets for the next series here.


rooftop party

Dreyfus’ – Clapton Square

Dreyfus cafe on Hackney Bubble

Nesting on the corner of Clapton Square, Dreyfus’ café opened at the tail end of 2012 serving as a paper-reading, bun-eating, brunchy-breakfasty café in the heart of Hackney.

Up front, the best thing about Dreyfus’ is that you can order eggs Florentine or Benedict or Royal (flozzy / benny / rozza as the aussies would say) by the portion – just £3.25 for one stacked muffin, and so £6.50 for 2, etc etc.

One hunk o’ brunch should be enough though, especially when the traditional Finnish cinnamon buns that adorn the counter are whispering “eat me, eat me”. I am a good listener to these flumped up pastry delights. They also serve sandwiches that lean towards the goats-cheese brigade and a daily selection of ‘Hot Lunch Specials’.  

It’s nice and bright inside with a scattering of established local types – girl working on Macbook, hip dad taking the kids for a babiccino, couples reading the paper, be-spectacled boy with his head in a book.

The coffee is pretty good – I find the flat white a little cold, but tasty and smooth – sure to froth up any hipster moustache.

They’re shut on Mondays, but are open 8-8 on weekdays and til 5 at weekends.  

Dreyfus Cafe

Little Noises… Big Sessions… In Hackney

Mencap Little Noise Sessions
20th -25th November 2012
St John-at-Hackney Church
E5 0PD


Hackney plays host to some not-so-little headliners at this year’s Little Noise Sessions, taking place to raise money for Mencap.

The Seventh year of sessions, takes place over a week in November at St John’s-in-Hackney church in Hackney Central. The eclectic mix of music in this stunning venue promises to be quite an event AND it brings awareness of this great charity for people with learning disabilities, their carers and families.

Musically, there’s something for everyone from stunning crooner Richard Hawley supported by the lavish King Charles and beautiful duo First Aid Kit, to soft vocal harmonies from Daughter, Noah and the Whale and delicate songstress Lucy Rose. Highly recommended!

A few more pop-tastic acts have just been announced including omnipresent Gary Barlow, Scottish singer Amy MacDonald and Olli Murs.

You can buy tickets HERE

Onra at Birthdays

By the wonderfully bubbly Tor Cameron…

Sitting at home on a Wednesday night playing with my new iPad toy, a friend sent me a text to let me know he had a free ticket to see Onra at Birthdays. HELLO! Five minute walk from home, can’t say no! So I wandered down to meet the gang and check this awesome French DJ out live.

He started by announcing it’s been five years since he last played London and it was clear throughout the gig he was happy to be here. The bass was cranked up to a nice level to complement the chilled out 80s disco beats accompanied by Asian influences that makes Onra’s sound so interesting. Within 10 minutes I had been sucked from the bar into a swaying disco crowd. Clearly some die hard fans in here, when Onra – The Anthem came on there were plenty of extra voices singing the tune.

Birthdays itself has come a long way since I last visited for Land of Kings (https://hackneybubble.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/land-of-kings-friday-review/). The upstairs bar is now officially open and feels more atmospheric than the near construction site it was at that stage. The basement no longer smells of fresh paint and is quickly becoming an East London sweatbox (always a pleasure).

After an hour I was on my merry way home to bed again. Great gig, nice cheeky Wednesday night out, looking forward to future lineups at Birthdays (http://birthdaysdalston.com/).

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