Big Street Feast Comes East

Think big, eat bigger!

I can’t wait to visit Dalston (I’ve been missing you this summer) and this awesome street food festival tomorrow. I’ll report back from the street… hopefully with a belly full of delicious food.

With stalls from stone baked pizza aficionados Home Slice and Muscle Men serving salacious seafood, Street Feast offers up a tough choice of traders, but i’m planning at least two dinners… and a pudding.

As far as beer goes, I’m expecting a thorough display of the latest hipster refreshers such as London Fields Brewery and Meantime. Get stuck in!

More info…

THAMES HOUSE, Hartwell Street, London E8 3DU

Opposite Dalston Junction Overground Station, Next door to Dalston Eastern Curve

Tel +44 (0) 7716122283 (for bookings of more than 5 people)


Jellied Eels in London Fields

 My thought process went something like this: “I live in east London yet I have never tried jellied eels, the typical east London cuisine, nor do I know anyone that has. So you know what? I shall be a real east Londoner and eat what surely must be a delicacy”. Now i look back on this naive country girl’s whimsicals and oh, how I laugh. Well I would if I couldn’t still taste the foul, fishy funk in my mouth every time I open my gob.

After one mouthful, you soon realise that water is not strong enough. Neither is swilling meths. Like a cold platter of tough catfood with the tough skins left on and extra eel flavour crammed in to the bile surrounding it. I honestly cannot fathom how that little eel shop can survive.  One explanation is that idiots like me will have some nostalgic thought processes and spend £2.50 on shark bait. Maybe it’s tasty when hot…

Jellied Eels from London Fields

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