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Dreyfus cafe on Hackney Bubble

Nesting on the corner of Clapton Square, Dreyfus’ café opened at the tail end of 2012 serving as a paper-reading, bun-eating, brunchy-breakfasty café in the heart of Hackney.

Up front, the best thing about Dreyfus’ is that you can order eggs Florentine or Benedict or Royal (flozzy / benny / rozza as the aussies would say) by the portion – just £3.25 for one stacked muffin, and so £6.50 for 2, etc etc.

One hunk o’ brunch should be enough though, especially when the traditional Finnish cinnamon buns that adorn the counter are whispering “eat me, eat me”. I am a good listener to these flumped up pastry delights. They also serve sandwiches that lean towards the goats-cheese brigade and a daily selection of ‘Hot Lunch Specials’.  

It’s nice and bright inside with a scattering of established local types – girl working on Macbook, hip dad taking the kids for a babiccino, couples reading the paper, be-spectacled boy with his head in a book.

The coffee is pretty good – I find the flat white a little cold, but tasty and smooth – sure to froth up any hipster moustache.

They’re shut on Mondays, but are open 8-8 on weekdays and til 5 at weekends.  

Dreyfus Cafe


Eastern Culture: Folly for a Flyover

Folly for Flyover Cinema in Hackney Wick

Folly for a Flyover, Hackney Wick Cinema



“Hand-built with local, reclaimed and donated materials, the Folly draws influence from the surrounding red-brick buildings of Hackney Wick, posing as an imaginary piece of the area’s past, a building trapped under the motorway.”

This pop-up venue is situated on the banks of the canal in Hackney Wick, to show films, performances and plays for a 6 week run over the summer. The program starts with a different theme each week (fables, structures etc) and includes screenings of super gay sci-fi films such as ‘TRON + live score’, ‘Flash (ahaaaaa) Gordon’, Kubrick’s ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ and short films from Hackney Wicked Festival.

There is also a cafe serving food and drinks and the chance to hire a boat for a paddle adventure down the canal for a mere £2. As well as some planned family activities. Check out the Folly for a Flyover website for more information and full event listings.

Coffee and Antiquity

Coffee Shop Cambridge Heath
Just by the Hackney crossroads, opposite Metropolis strip club, Hurwundeki cafe / stands out from the greasy spoons of Bethnal Green. The pumpkin carriage in the front promises a playful pit stop for those who like to sit amongst old bric-a-brac and antiques, overpriced organic foods for sale and the odd horned skull to eat home-made cakes and lunch or just have a cup of coffee and a chat. 

The childsized pumpkin coach out the pebbled front with a small table and chairs surrounded by oddities and antiques for sale. I’ve been meaning to go to this place for ages and a coffee stop with a friend to hide from the cold fter visiting the Museum of Childhood (just up the road) was the perfect time.

Not what I expected inside, but more of a shop come cafe with rustic wooden tables and mismatch chairs. But exteriors don’t count for much. I know it’s the cakes that count.

A handmade selection of carrot, lemon, chocolate plus biscuits and a choice of lunchables. All looking delicious. I tried a blueberry muffin and it was ok… quite good washed down with coffee, but not the most amazing muffin. Nice place to sit and listen to the group of french girls gossiping or the records scratching on the turntable.

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