Lost in London – a film

I just came across this wonderful film “Lost in London”, which was posted a year ago on Vimeo. Makes you realise how fast paced life can get… take a morning to just wonder and soak up the east, meander the streets, parks and watersides, get lost in your own neighbourhood and take a moment to reflect… this is rather lovely.

Enjoy the next 9 minutes!

Lost in London from Wojciech Duczmal on Vimeo.

“Lost in London” is a film by Michael Smith and Wojciech Duczmal, who’ve collaborated on many documentaries for the BBC over the years. It develops further their idea of the lyrical essay-film, or documentary-poem.

Inspired by Baudelaire’s idea of the flâneur, the stroller whose epiphany is the shifting urban spectacle, the film is about one individual’s personal response to the unique spirit that charges the city he inhabits – in this case, Michael’s response to the inner East End, where he has lived for many years.

Written by Michael Smith. Photography & Editing by Wojciech Duczmal

It’s a film about the deep, complex, bitter-sweet romance between an individual and his city. Like many long-term love affairs, it’s a dysfunctional one, but nevertheless, this film is a love story between a person and a place.


ART: Flat C, Pink Does Not Exist


Flat C is the brainchild of art curator Crystal Bennes (Filling Station,  SALON(London), and lots of other random stuff). After several frustrating no-gos with galleries covered in red tape, she decided to take it upon herself to set up her own. In her flat. And dubious as I was as to how this would work, it really did… and very well too.

Her cosy Stoke Newington couple’s pad has been transformed into a fully fledged art space showcasing ‘Pink Does Not Exist”. Linking various types of media through on a journey through existence and non-existence, light, physics and science… and badges.

“The exhibition includes Ross Sutherland’s documentary about creating a computer programme to write poetry; photographs by Henrietta Williams on the physical and virtual barriers guarding the City of London; two perceptibly threatening installations from Ben Woodeson’s Health & Safety Violations series; stunning composite images of transgenic tadpoles from the laboratory of researcher Nick Love; photographs and drawings of an experimental light-based long-exposure memory experiment by Freddy Tuppen; paintings that play on the experience of looking at “painting as painting” by Trevor Kiernander; beautifully-observed photographs by Catherine Hyland which depict the strange juxtaposition of one reality superimposed on to another; and a project by Gregory Sale which explores fragments of love poetry through the curious medium of the badge.”

The showcase  certainly kept us on our toes, not only with delightfully eccentric and thought provoking art pieces, but also with the live electrical wires stretched across the hallway to shock anyone that dared to go grab a beer from the kitchen!

Crystal Bennes told Hackney Bubble

“Circumstances meant that in this instance, the flat just happened to be the ideal place for me to host a show.  The best thing has been that, because it’s in a flat, and because I’ve asked people to make appointments to check it out, they actually have to talk to me and I’ve had some amazing conversations – from students to film makers – about the show, the work, the flat, whatever and that’s been such a refreshing change from the usual in-out of the gallery space.

Pink Does Not Exist  runs until 2nd June 2012.

A Warsaw Melody – Arcola Theatre


Where? The Arcola Theatre, 24 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL

Performance Times: 8.00pm. Matinees 3.00pm Saturday 14, 21, 28 April.

How Much? £16 (£12 concessions) + Pay What You Can Tuesdays (from 6.30pm on the door)

I’ve been meaning to check out this theatre for a while, so finally, I managed to roll around the corner to Dalston Junction for a preview of A Warsaw Melody. This Eastern European drama is fixed firmly in my roots. Belkin productions have had success touring all over America and Europe, finally landing in east London at The Arcola.

The play is romantic as it is funny and in parts, utterly tragic. We follow a couple through the decades from a chance Moscow meeting  to the elegance of Warsaw as it rebuilds itself  from the effects of war – the couple are as torn as the city. Stunning and sympathetic acting on a simple set within the intimate theater setting leaves you feeling melancholy and thoughtful, in a good way.

Arty Party: Hackney Wicked Festival 2011

When: Friday 29th – Sunday 31st July 2011

Where: Hackney Wick, various venues

Website: http://hackneywickedfestival.co.uk/

Hackney Wicked is once again upon the Wick. Warehouse will be opened up to have a snoop at what the trendy artists are up to in their communes (well, just the art), there’ll be dancing in the street, weird and wonderful things for sale (I loved last year’s swear cushions) and plenny of parties, bands, workshops and artsy fartsy fun to be had. You don’t have to be an artist, or a trendy, but be prepared to rub shoulders with them all emerging from the Hackney Wick warehouses.

Hackney Bubble will certainly be there! Last year’s was good times spent in mini gardens with cans of beer, sifting through crap art to find divine galleries (what the hell is Elevator all about!?), rocking our socks off to street bands and some interesting hoola hooping.

For more information on their and a lists of artists, galleries and events visit their website, hackneywickedfestival.co.uk

Eastern Culture: Folly for a Flyover

Folly for Flyover Cinema in Hackney Wick

Folly for a Flyover, Hackney Wick Cinema



“Hand-built with local, reclaimed and donated materials, the Folly draws influence from the surrounding red-brick buildings of Hackney Wick, posing as an imaginary piece of the area’s past, a building trapped under the motorway.”

This pop-up venue is situated on the banks of the canal in Hackney Wick, to show films, performances and plays for a 6 week run over the summer. The program starts with a different theme each week (fables, structures etc) and includes screenings of super gay sci-fi films such as ‘TRON + live score’, ‘Flash (ahaaaaa) Gordon’, Kubrick’s ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ and short films from Hackney Wicked Festival.

There is also a cafe serving food and drinks and the chance to hire a boat for a paddle adventure down the canal for a mere £2. As well as some planned family activities. Check out the Folly for a Flyover website for more information and full event listings.

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