Weekend: Passing Clouds Halloween Party!

When: Saturday 29th October

Where: Passing Clouds, 1 Richmond Road, London, E8 4AA


More infohttp://www.passingclouds.org/

The venue title conjours up ethereal, heavenly scenes of fluffy clouds… but not this weekend. Hellishly delving into the depths of music, vauderville and erm, food, it celebrates the traditional mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’.

“In the tradition of Passing Clouds, unite with us for the very special celebration of Halloween as we arise from our sleeping states and break forth our ghostly selves in a great cacophony of abundant mayhem”

Looks like a party to get involved in! It all kicks off at 12pm with the devilishly deliscious people’s kitchen – bring along your pumpkins and cook up a feast! The day carries on with entertainment and merriment well into the witching hour. All for a mere fiver! Have a happy halloween in the Hackney Bubble. Or a scary one actually.



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